Wedding Photographers in Kerala

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Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

About VerticalFrames

Wedding Photography & Filming

Vertical Frames is a team of professional wedding photographers with passion overflowing and creating magic in every click. With award winning photographers and cinematographers whose experience cannot be calculated through mere years, Vertical frames promise high quality and high standard photography. We weave beautiful stories of your wonderful moments together to be cherished as a lifelong memoir of your wedding.
Your taste of choice is what we look forward to. Unlike any other wedding photography studios, Vertical Frames gives you an opportunity to choose photographers of your choice. You could select from the list of award winning photographers of Kerala and choose the crew for your big day, for we value your choice.
Vertical Frames is the best in candid wedding photography accompanied by high hands in traditional wedding photography and cinematography. Your big day cannot be any less than a spectacle, and we promise to make it even better. We are the best wedding photographers in Kerala with experts in every field of photography.

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